The Best of Sicily in East London

Spitalfields E1 is hosting SicilyFEST on 20th and 21st of May, a special themed event celebrating everything that is great about this magical Mediterranean island.

Located off the Italian coast, Sicily is world-famous for its cuisine, style and culture. Although historically controlled by Italy, the central location of Sicily means that influences from different European and North African cultures have seeped into the fabric of the island.

As a result, the unique tastes, smells and sights of Sicily are something to be celebrated, which is exactly what can you expect to find at the market.

Some classic Italian dishes will be available in all their glory, but often with a Sicilian twist. The island’s cuisine is influenced by Greece, France, Spain and Morocco, so expect to find a larger range of flavours and ingredients than you would normally find at an Italian market. Alongside fantastic pasta, beer, wine and cheeses, you can expect exquisite arancini, cannoli and fish dishes. This is also the perfect chance to learn how to cook some famous Sicilian dishes for yourself, so be sure to head on down!


Art and Photography
Some of the finest terracotta and ceramic arts in the world originated on Sicily, and it is still extremely popular on the island today. Alongside this, surrealist art was born on the island, so this important artistic heritage will be honoured at SicilyFEST. If you’re looking for some new pieces to enliven your home, this is a perfect opportunity to get something eye-catching and unique. Enjoy photographic exhibits highlighting Sicily’s bewitching beauty that will make you want to book a flight immediately!

TheTaste of Sicily at Spitalfields

Music and Performing Arts
Sicily is home to one of the largest and grandest opera houses in Europe, so to embrace this culture there will be a special, child friendly opera performed by the Sicilian Marionettes and Puppets Theatre of Opera dei Pupi (the Puppet Opera). This famous show has been performed on the island for 800 years, and we’re excited to bring it to East London. As well as this exuberant show, you will enjoy the best of authentic Sicilian music and dance direct from the island.
SicilyFEST will transform Spitalfields E1 into a fantastically vibrant little corner of the Mediterranean, so be sure to visit and see the very best the island has to offer.

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