Here at Spitalfields, we’ve always been huge on sustainability, and our core mission is to give back. Whether it’s to collaborate with local charities and support them through fundraising, give back to our tight-knit East London community through the means of events and activity here in the market, or giving back to our planet. Below are just some of the ways we are playing our part in moving towards a sustainable future.



Waste Recycled


Food Waste







With our constant desire to keep our carbon footprint down, cleaning operations at Spitalfields have been reviewed and all equipment is now powered using HVO Fuel – The drop-in diesel alternative with 90% lower net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

What is HVO Fuel?

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is a paraffinic diesel fuel that can be used as a direct replacement for both red & white diesel. It offers superior operational and environmental performance over fossil diesel with vast environmental benefits that support existing logistical infrastructure.

What is HVO made from?

HVO is synthesised from 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fats, which reduces net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%.

All raw materials are checked and verified, and the fuel’s credentials audited by the Department for Transport (DFT) to ensure both sustainability and product integrity are certified. This will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint, so that we can help combat the effects of climate change from our cleaning operations.

Cafe Art’s founders named as Big Issue Top 100 Changemakers

Paul Ryan and Michael Wong were chosen for having made a significant difference to homelessness. “Art can be an outlet for expression, creation and connection. This is something Michael Wong and Paul Ryan know all too well, and is the driving ethos behind their social enterprise, Café Art. Café Art aims to empower those experiencing homelessness, or who have recently been homeless. They distribute disposable cameras to 100 people, who are given seven days to capture London. A selection of the images produced are then used to create calendars, with proceeds going back to the artists. ”

With over a third of London’s children living in poverty, Spitalfields is proud to be a community partner for the Feed London project, helping London children have access to a nutritious and healthy diet over the school holidays – when they most need it – leading to healthier lifestyles and healthier outcomes.

Every box delivered lets a family know they are not alone no matter how bad things are getting – we are all part of a wider, caring, London community.

Too Good To Go

With so much delicious food at Spitalfields, we hate to see any of it go unexperienced, which is why we’re working closely with Too Good to Go to help fight food waste. Our F&B tenants simply list any leftover dishes on the app, and customers collect them at a fraction of the standard price – win win!

6% of contaminated waste goes to Waste For Energy, producing enough energy to power 31 homes for a year & boil 51,471 kettles for an hour

Zero to Landfill Policy: Our electric tug collects all the waste around the estate

tenon fm logo

ISO 14001 Sets the standards for Environmental Management Systems

The Estate has been accredited with ISO 14001 since 2010 ensuring we can demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment

Key Statistics

0% to Landfill

100% materials

recycled or repurposed

Key Benefits


Trees saved

124 307

CO2 tonnes saved

16 41

Energy produced (KWH)

10,713 29,447

Street Food for Thought

Last year we gave away 1,000 free reusable lunchboxes to local workers to reduce the need for single-use packaging. We also encourage visitors to bring their own lunchboxes with a tasty 10% off participating food trucks

Top Tables

Spitalfields table tops are fabricated from a plastic wood alternative called Manticore, which is made from 100% recycled plastic

Spitalfields teamed up with #LoveNotLandfill Clothes Bank Project working with fashion bloggers during London Fashion Week, encouraging followers to donate old items to the clothes bank

We also work with Sky Ocean Rescue with an aim to educate visitors and occupiers on how to tackle single-use plastic and inspire change

Recycling stations are dotted around the market and clearly marked for plastic, paper and general waste

We use electricity that is 100% generated from Renewable Sources

During 2018/19 Spitalfields replaced all lighting for LED low energy lighting culminating in utility savings to the estate service charge


We love to support and facilitate community engagement. The Spitalfields Estate Management Team works closely with a wide range of local community groups and charitable organisations to deliver a free public events programme, incorporating music, theatre, dance, art and charitable fundraising within our public spaces to celebrate the rich local history and ever-evolving character of the area. See our events and Community Partners below:

Community Partners

Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol is an enthusiastic community of over 1,500 swing dancers featuring a first-class teaching team, four award-winning performance troupes, and a dedicated admin and volunteer team who deliver a year-round programme of dance classes in London and Brighton.

Swing Patrol have been regular fixtures of the Spitalfields Community event programme since 2011, and highlights of their tenure include a successful Guinness World Records Attempt, the annual London Swing Festival, and their much loved free social dancing sessions on Bishops Square for dancers of all ages and abilities.

Providence Row

East London charity tackling the root causes of homelessness through mental health, drug and alcohol services, advice and support and learning and training programs.

The charity hosts regular fundraisers, including carol singing with performances from local school children in the run-up to Christmas.

Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service

THAMES work with schools and groups, providing arts and music education activities for every child and young person (up to 18yrs) living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


MOLA is an archaeology and built heritage practice and independent charitable company registered with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, providing a wide range of professional archaeological services to clients in London and across the country.

The Spitalfields Estate proudly hosts the MOLA Time Truck, a mobile classroom offering children (and adults) the opportunity to see artefacts uncovered from a variety of archaeological digs. In recent years the artefacts have been found during the extensive Cross Rail development and offer an authentic slice of London history for pre-booked groups and drop-in visitors alike.

Kitchenette Carts

Social Enterprise Kitchenette Carts served a menu of seasonal Vietnamese street food at our Lamb Street Food Market.

The project trained young adult ex-offenders on the food truck, supporting them into careers in food, and to set up their own food businesses. This was achieved through a combination of real work experience on our food truck, intensive 1:1 mentorship and training with some of London’s best food businesses. The trading pitch and utilities were provided free of charge equating to an annual rent of £32,000.


The RSPCA host fundraising and sponsorship events at Spitalfields, typically during the festive period. The activations typically involve rescue animals and games for the public to participate in.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been at the forefront of conservation in Kenya for over 40 years. Best known for its Orphans’ Project, the charity has pioneered the rescue and rehabilitation of milk dependent orphaned elephants. More than 262 orphans have been successfully raised, with over 160 of them now living wild once more. The Trust’s commitment to each orphan lasts a lifetime, and working with local partners, they undertake anti-poaching operations, aerial surveillance, veterinary interventions, community outreach programs and initiatives to secure habitats; interconnected projects focused on securing a future for all wild animals.

Volunteering at Collingwood Community Centre

With a strong community spirit at the heart of our core values, it’s only right we practice what we preach! A team of volunteers from Spitalfields have recently spent time helping out at the Collingwood Community Centre. Assisting with everything from gardening, cleaning, litter-picking and a facelift to the community garden fences has given the space a much-needed makeover.

Joining our Platinum Jubilee celebrations was London-based bakery Lola’s Cupcakes, who served up delicious treats all weekend using power generated entirely from the solar panel on the roof of their cart.

Spitalfields was proud to host Cafe Art. A social enterprise set up to support those who have experienced homelessness through art, photography and entrepreneurship in the traders’ market for a number of years.

Vendors sold MyLondon calendars and greeting cards, receiving 50% from each sale. The initiative aimed to encourage skill development, create an opportunity for them to earn a meaningful income and nurture their journey to independence.

Donated over £40K through the use of on-site equipment such as the PA system, chairs, Arts Market panels, market stalls and on-site storage

Raised over £16,000 directly from events taking place on the Estate with additional funds generated via social media promotions and online campaigns

Collaborated with 27 different charitable/ non-profit organisations to produce the Spitalfields Community Event programme

Hosted 84 free community events across 140 days

Community Food Drive

Spitalfields Estate has a longstanding relationship with the LBTH local authority. As a community partner, we are always keen to explore ways in which we can support local charitable initiatives. This has never been more vital than in the current climate.

Local charity SOUL have been working hard since the start of lockdown to provide vulnerable individuals and families with meals.

Their current scheme redistributes surplus food from restaurants and food operators in the Spitalfields area to those in need. This reduces food waste and helps feed those in need which I’m sure you can agree is positive for all parties.

Should you wish to participate in the scheme, every Tuesday at 4pm, volunteers will collect any surplus food from your respective units and then arrange distribution in the local area. Food/ meals donated to the scheme should be portioned in containers as they would usually be served to customers. We do hope as many of our food operators as possible will consider participating in this worthwhile community venture. Even if the numbers are low, it all helps.

Community Liaison

We want to hear what people say about Spitalfields. Since 2000, we have engaged in regular public consultation and workshops, which include representatives of all the local residents, businesses and interest groups. Through these meetings, many of the visible features and public uses of the Spitalfields Estate have evolved.

The Agenda items for these meetings are typically:

Events / Security / Anti-Social Behaviour / Environment / Noise / Planning and Licensing / Waste


After 18 years of sensitive preparation and wide-scale public consultation, the Spitalfields Estate regeneration programme was completed. Since then, we have overseen Spitalfields’ development from an ambitious new development to one of the most visited attractions in London, and a vibrant hub for occupiers, visitors, and the local community.

Crucial to this success has been our holistic approach to management and fully embracing the wider community. The introduction of the various markets, the street food offering, the community & charitable event programme, the rolling public art programme & seasonal activities combined with the security and police partnership and stakeholder contribution have all contributed to help create a sense of place and incorporate the scheme into the local community, critical to the establishment of Spitalfields as a destination to live, work and play.


More Spitalfields: Digital Screens, Spitalfields App


Continued planning for development of Market Street & Lamb Street


Spitalfields new brand identity and website launches


Work planned to start on development of Market Street & Lamb St


Installation of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) following vehicle-borne terrorist attacks around Europe


Our amazing Street Food Truckers were introduced to Lamb Street


Spitalfields is rated the Number one for attractions in London by TripAdvisor


ISO 14001 achieved 95% recycling rates across the estate


Spitalfields builds on the success of the Community Engagement Programme and raises a total of £431,769 for charities


Spitalfields creates a £45,000 commissioning prize aimed at facilitating the support and nurturing of talented artists within the medium of outdoor site-specific Installations. The commission is designed to enable interaction with local schools and educational groups


Spitalfields Management Team gains ‘Volunteer Team Winners’ at the ELBA (East London Business Alliance) Awards


Spitalfields wins ‘Best Partnership In Regeneration’ at The English Partnership Awards and ‘Best Practice in Regeneration’ at the BURA Awards


Spitalfields wins ‘Best New Public Space’ at the London Planning Awards. Spitalfields Arts Market launches


Allen & Overy occupy office space in Spitalfields


Spitalfields Regeneration programme completed. Spitalfields wins ‘Best Build Project Contributing to London’s Future’ at the London Planning Awards. ‘Spitalfields Traders Market’ launches


Events over 140 days


Total organisation collaborations


Raised for charities to date


Contributed by Spitalfields to the Estate


Hours of staff time per week

Social Strategy

Our goal is to showcase how vibrant and unique this area of East London is and why it’s a must visit destination for tourists and locals alike. Not only is that reflected in the market, but online too, showcasing the incredible talent of our market traders, mouth-wateringly delicious food trucks and restaurants and our big brand labels in store. We commit to growing a loyal following with dedicated daily engagement, aligning ourselves with fellow London markets, collaborating with our retailers to run competitions, sharing UGC from our visitors as well as jumping on trending topics in order to boost Spitalfields’ visibility and reach.





Diversity & Inclusion

Spitalfields is committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, marital or civil partnership status, disability, religion, belief, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socio-economic status. Our aim is to create an environment free from unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment in which all employees, subcontractors, tenants and visitors are treated with dignity and respect. All employees and service partners are aware of the requirements of our Diversity and Inclusion policy, and care is taken to guard against more subtle and unconscious forms of discrimination which may not be immediately obvious. The policy extends to our Market Traders code of conduct and is fundamental to creating an inclusive and welcoming destination for tenants and visitors alike.


Modern Slavery

We at Spitalfields expect all our suppliers and service partners to comply with our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking code of conduct. A rigorous Global Supplier procurement procedure is in place, and there is a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We consistently review and strengthen our processes and systems to minimise the risk of human rights infringements anywhere in our supply chain.

Full policies available upon request.

Throughout the year Spitalfields gets involved with sustainability initiatives at every level. Find out more about these through the blog posts on this site.