A Spitalfields E1 Christmas – Gift Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year once again. Christmas is just a few short weeks away, and we’re starting to think (or panic) about what gifts to get for our loved ones. Chances are, if you’re a fan of Spitalfields E1, you are looking for alternative Christmas gifts this year. So, we’ve chosen our top picks from Spitalfields E1 that are worth considering as extra-special presents.

So, with a range from rucksacks and lights to clothing and accessories, check out our Christmas gift suggestions:


If you’ve never visited Source, you’re missing out on a fantastic range of quirky items that are perfect for bringing a burst of life and character to anyone’s home or business. Whether you’re after interesting Christmas home decor that is unlike anything else around, or a range of unique picture frames and accessories to impress your guests, Source is definitely worth a visit.

However, the area where Source really shine is in lighting. They have a range of box lights, string lights and neon lights that bring a huge amount of character to a room. Our personal favourite item is the customisable cinema light box. It’s like something out of an old theatre, and can display anything you want.


Oscar Milo:

Home to some of the finest original clothing for men and women in East London, Oscar Milo is known for its range of smart, high-quality garments that are suitable for work or play. The shirts are made using Italian cotton, while the suits are produced by experts in Portugal, before being sold at the store that has proudly stood in Spitalfields E1 since 2005.

Living in London, smart winter clothing is something of a necessity, and Oscar Milo’s range of winter coats are some of the classiest around, combining a classic design with high quality craftsmanship. We particularly like the light grey double-breasted coat, but with other colours available, you’re sure to find one that suits!

Ollie Quinn:

Our specialist eyewear boutique, Ollie Quinn, has earned a reputation as top-quality opticians, as well as designers of unique and stylish frames to suit any character or trend.

With their range of glasses and sunglasses constantly being updated with quality materials and new designs there’s a perfect style for everyone. Our top pick right now is the Hutton sunglasses, a modern and quirky take on one of the all-time classic styles.


Dower & Hall:

Our local jewellery store is a must-visit for special Christmas gift ideas. Dower & Hall is an independent jeweller headquartered in Spitalfields E1, who specialise in producing unique pieces to order, as well as items that will compliment your everyday style perfectly.

One of the more popular collections available is the Luna pearl range. Featuring a range that includes necklaces, bangles and bracelets, all set into 18ct gold or sterling silver, the range is known for its understated beauty and simplicity, meaning it can be partnered with anything, from glitz and glamour to everyday comfort. This beauty and versatility makes it the perfect gift for a partner or loved one this holiday season.

The Brokedown Palace:

A paradise for Londoners who love city life, but also escaping into the countryside, The Brokedown Palace has only been trading for five years, but in that time, has garnered a reputation for stocking high-quality items that would not look out of place in the city, or on the side of a mountain.

One such item that has grown to iconic status is the Kånken Classic Backpack, a Swedish rucksack that has been a firm favourite of schoolkids and adults alike since 1978. Made of an extremely hardy canvas, and available in an enormous range of colours, the bag is unparalleled in functionality and design, mixing practicality with fabulous style.


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