How is Your New Year Diet Going?


It is undeniably that time of the year. Even though 80% of the people who make New Year Resolutions give up by February, don’t be one of those this year. If you made a resolution to eat healthier in 2018 or stick to a set diet plan, the variety of food choices at Spitalfields are here to make you turn your resolutions into reality this time.


Taking part in Veganuary?

Veganuary (going vegan throughout the month of January) is becoming more and more popular among Londoners. If you are part of the challenge, or just want made a resolution to eat plant-based food this year, you can stop by at Leon at Spitalfields. From Squash, Sage & Kale Salad to middle-east inspired Rainbow Mezze Salads and wraps, you are guaranteed a true vegan feast here.

For more information on Leon, click here.

Other options to try:
Indo-Coco Curry at Giraffe
Tagine of Winter Vegetables at La Chapelle



Going Paleo? 
As the name suggests, the name Paleo comes from Palaeolithic Era, where people ate as naturally as possible, opting for grass-fed meats and wholefoods such as nuts, seeds and vegetables. In this type of diet, processed food is not allowed – yes, this also includes breads, pastas, rice etc. So, what to go for when you’re eating out? Itsu is here to help. Their Chicken, Avocado & Egg salad and variety of Sashimi are great options when you need a quick (and Paleo!) fix for lunch.

For more information about Itsu, click here.

Other options to try:
Wild whole grilled fish at Canteen
Dingley Dell pork cutlet at Galvin Hop



The Ketogenic Way
In some ways, Ketogenic is quite like the Paleo diet, but it relies more on fats. And a lot of it.
In Ketogenic type of nutrition, saturated fats are encouraged, so why not try delicious duck meat? The Duck Truck (proudly the UK’s first ever duck only restaurant) is situated here at Spitalfields. Keep it bread-free and don’t give in to the temptation to put the yummy and succulent duck meat in a wrap or sandwich, as these carbs are a no-no in the Ketogenic diet!

For more information about The Duck Truck, click here.

Other options to try:
Gammon & Eggs at The Grocer
Lamb alla Griglia at Carluccio’s



The Mediterranean Life
Oh, the good and slow life. Voted as the healthiest diet in the world many times, eating in the Mediterranean way can even lead to a longer life expectancy. (If you don’t believe us, believe CNN. It really isn’t fake-news!) This is by far the most balanced diet of all and it includes consumption of meat, vegetables, fish, and grains in moderation. Olive oil is the key in this type of nutrition, which has been proven to be a healthier alternative to vegetable oil and butter many times. If you’re striving to become Mediterranean at the heart (and at the stomach!) why not eat at Carluccio’s Spitalfields. Carluccio’s offers a great Italian food variety, which will help you start the Mediterranean nutrition in the right way!

For more information about Carluccio’s, click here.

Other options to try:
Halloumi and Feta Pide at Giraffe
Wild Mushroom Risotto at La Chapelle



Atkins Style

Atkins diet is definitely one of the most famous non-carb diets out there. The diet consists of four phases (induction, balancing, fine-tuning and maintenance) with different food lists to follow at each one. No matter which stage of Atkins you’re in, you must avoid grains (wheat, spelt, rye, barley, rice) and sugar found in soft drinks, fruit juices and various cakes. If you’re following the Atkins diet, you could try Giraffe‘s grilled sirloin steak with a side salad or San Fran Super Salad with many nutritious and Atkins-friendly ingredients.

For more information about Giraffe, click here.

Other options to try:
Poached Salmon and Egg at Itsu
T-Bone Steak at Canteen



Or, The YOLO Diet…

Let’s face it. Not all of us are following a specific diet just because it is a new year. In fact, you only live once, so, for those who need a quick fix, we say eat that piece of cake. Visit Spitalfields    Market’s Patisserie Valerie for the best selection of baked delicacies or try Lola’s Cupcakes’ famous red velvet cupcake before they run out!

For more information about Patisserie Valerie click here and for more information on Lola’s Cupcakes click here.

Other options to try:
Konditor & Cook
Crosstown Doughnuts



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