Unique Twists and Flavours – Our favourite Spitalfields cocktails

cocktails and drinks at Spitalfields

Everybody loves a good cocktail, don’t they? They combine some of our favourite spirits and fruits to produce delicious, indulgent treats for the palate. As you’d expect, Spitalfields E1 is a great place to enjoy some of the classics, the cocktails we all know and love, but Spitalfields wouldn’t be Spitalfields without doing things a bit differently, adding that unique twist we’re known for.

To celebrate this, we’ve picked our favourite cocktail from five restaurants and bars, all of them are different from anything you’ll find anywhere else in Shoreditch, or London for that matter, and are the perfect accompaniments to food or an evening out. Check them out below:

The Grocer – Grocer’s Special – £8.00:

The Grocer is one of the most relaxed and comfortable pubs in London, offering a very casual, welcoming atmosphere. Good conversation is the order of the day here, and there is an extensive range of cocktails to help elucidate this conversation.

With this in mind, we’d recommend a signature cocktail. The Grocer’s Special combines the fresh, clean flavours of a classic Mojito with the powerful fruity kick of strawberry or passion fruit. This cocktail is perfect for a sophisticated and chilled Sunday afternoon with friends, and is an excellent accompaniment for their crab salad, consisting of white crab meat, apple, watercress, brown crab pate & pumpkin seed pesto.

The Grocer’s Special is made from Havana 3 white rum, strawberry or passion fruit puree, lime, sugar syrup and mint.

The full menu for The Grocer can be found HERE

Grocer at Spitalfields
Calvin HOP at Spitalfields

Galvin HOP – Pilsnerita – £10.00:

Galvin HOP is one of the most popular bar/restaurants in Shoreditch, and for good reason. The combination of excellent chefs, experienced restaurateurs and pub food classics cooked to perfection is an enticing proposition for anybody. This is the perfect place to get high dining food without the formality that usually comes with it.

Like everything else they do, Galvin HOP do cocktails a little bit differently to the norm. All of them are twists on a common base, either champagne or the world-famous Pilsner Urquell that is stored in copper vats above the bar. If you can only have one, we’d recommend the Pilsnerita.

Made by combining Tequila, Grand Marnier, orange juice and Pilsner, this cocktail is very much a long drink, and is essentially a more exotic take on a pint of beer. The drink is rich and fruity, and is the perfect accompaniment for one of the bar’s famous Galvin dogs.

Check out the full Galvin HOP drinks and bar menu HERE

Canteen – Cockney Cobbler – £7.50:

A winner of the Observer’s ‘Best UK restaurant’ award, as well as a fixture in the Which? Good Food Guide, Canteen sits right at the heart of Spitalfields E1. Serving up fresh, seasonal British cuisine and offering a clean, bright and airy aesthetic, Canteen is the sort of restaurant that you keep coming back to.

For a fresh, Autumnal taste, try a Cockney Cobbler, which combines the best flavours from apples, pears and lemons, producing a fruity punch that manages to avoid being overly sweet. Made using apple vodka, pear liqueur, lemon juice, triple sec and apple juice, this cocktail is a perfect companion for the classic sausages and mash, or one of Canteen’s famous daily pies.

The full Canteen drinks menu can be found HERE

Canteen at Spitalfields
Carluccios at Spitalfields

Carluccio’s – Disaronno Marmalade Sour – £7.50:

Occupying a quiet corner off Lamb Street, Carluccio’s is a great spot for a relaxing breakfast with friends or family. Part of the world-famous chain, you know you’re going to get great food whenever you visit.

By combining Disaronno, Carluccio’s clementine marmalade, lemon juice and orange, you get a Disaronno Marmalade Sour, a tart cocktail with a hint of sweetness, the perfect combination for a boozy brunch. We’d recommend combining it with Carluccio’s fantastic cooked breakfast to really set you up for the day.

Check out Carluccio’s menu HERE

Giraffe – Cape Sundowner – £6.95:

Giraffe is the destination for a cocktail-filled Friday night. Every Sunday to Friday from 5pm, you can grab any cocktail for £5, and there are plenty to choose from!

We recommend the Cape Sundowner, a South African-inspired cocktail, made from Absolut vodka, honey water and apple over ice with lime. While far from the most elaborate cocktail, the Cape Sundowner is very easy to drink and extremely enjoyable, whilst retaining an air of sophistication. It can help melt away the stresses and challenges of a long, hard week.

If you’re eating as well, keep things on the African continent with a lamb tagine, made with Moroccan lamb, pistachios, almonds and pomegranate, for an indulgent and pleasant evening.

Check out the full range of Giraffe drinks HERE

Giraffe at Spitalfields

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