Spitalfields Arts Market

Monthly from March to December. 

Set on Market Street, the Spitalfields Arts Market is a great place to browse and buy affordable art direct from established and up and coming artists. There's something for every taste and every pocket at Spitalfields Arts Market with a wide choice of original artworks from paintings to photography.

Exhibit at Spitalfields Arts Market

If you are interested in exhibiting please apply online

Arts Market Dates 2014

Spitalfields Arts Market runs Thursday to Sunday once or twice a month from March and weekly from November through to Christmas. 

13th - 16th March
3rd - 6th April
10th - 13th April
1st - 4th May
5th - 8th June
12th - 15th June
3rd - 6th July
31st July - 3rd August
4th - 7th September
9th - 12th October
6th - 9th November
13th - 16th November
20th - 23rd November
27th - 30th November
4th - 7th December
11th - 14th December
18th - 21st December

Recent exhibitors have included:

Charlotte Kessler

Charlotte’s paintings are described as beautiful, quirky and romantic.

Standing firmly between Fine Art and Conceptual Illustration her work is loved by adults and children alike. She creates figurative paintings that are often layered with mixed media technique and finished with delicate attention to detail. Charlotte is a very individual Artist. Her work has meaning and provokes reflection, yet remains accessible and light hearted.

You will find Charlotte showcasing originals and high quality limited edition prints here at Spitalfields Art Market with an affordable range of prices.

Wachira Sucharitkul

Wachira Sucharitkul is a Thai artist who works with oil and acrylic on stretched canvases, which come ready to hang .Her art is inspired by many forms but is heavily influenced by the Impressionist movement.

Growing up in vibrant Bangkok, her art mirrors life's noise and colours and the effect changing light has on landscapes and city skylines.

Now based in London she has a wonderful opportunity to reflect this great city and all its colours, shapes and noise. Her current pieces showcase the riverside scenes and park images in and around London. Also iconic structures like Battersea Power Station are given fresh vibrant slant, while reflecting their original presence. Pallet-knife techniques give her work texture and bring London to life.

You can purchase Wachira's paintings online or commission her to create bespoke pieces by arrangement. Framing can be arranged for any pieces if desired.

Kinda Sweet Shop - Lene Bladbjerg Lene Bladbjerg

Lene is a Danish artist based in London. Her work is influenced by her background as a graphic designer - typography and grids drift in and out of her pieces creating haunting images and surprising messages.

Lene’s work can be very thought-provoking. She pays great attention to the smaller scale details of everyday life. In her work she attempts to capture the hidden beauty or interesting aspect of even the most ordinary of events or objects. She often creates her work by incorporating unusual materials, often re-cycled.
Gillian Beagley Gillian Beagle

The Treescapes Gillian paints are local to the North London home she shares with her family and chickens. As Gillian works seasonally she builds over the year a complete collection of twelve pieces made from photos taken once a month. They are from a single location specially selected for that twelve month period.
Debbie Harry Emily Grey Art

Emily's work is centred around 20th century icons. She creates designs by layering laser cut Perspex which is the perfect pop art material with an array of striking colours and interesting effects which are carefully selected in each design for maximum impact.
Kirstin Handley Kirstin Handley

Kirstin is a mixed media artist. Her style is sometimes described as contemporary impressionism. She creates uplifting and joyful paintings that speak from the heart.

Her paintings are inspired by her love of the English countryside, and her connection with music.
(c) Timothy Smith Photography Timothy Smith Photography

Tim creates images using the subtleties of natural light. Each picture is artistically and technically excellent adhering to the principle that the image is created in the camera. The resulting images draw the viewer in creating the feeling of being there at the time of capture.

Onyn are a creative collective, living, loving and laughing in East London. Their unique, whimsical wall art is bursting with colour and innocent humour (in equal measure) and is at home within contemporary, urban modern interiors as well as more traditional environments. Maybe that’s why ONYN have sold thousands of original canvas paintings, which are loved worldwide.
Young at Heart AJ Silistrie

AJ is a French artist photographer based in London. Her photographic work is engaging and thought-provoking. The photograph often serves as a catalyst for her artistic expression.

Her limited edition prints have gained a following in the UK, Australia, America, France, Japan and Switzerland.

Featured image Young At Heart
Stephen Anthont Davids Stephen Anthony Davids

Stephen was born and raised in the East End of London. He has no formal art training but has drawn for as long as he has known. Stephen is a hidden gem, and a extremely talented craftsman. His desire and sense of a need to communicate through, painting and drawing flourishes from within him; when he produces a piece of art. It is a process of self-expression in a unique and beautiful, highly personal language.

Featured image Style / Ink and wax seal on cold pressed 200gms paper. Floatmounted Box Framed. 22cm x 28cm
Camion Blanc by Liza Hirst Liza Hirst

Liza Hirst is an English/German figurative painter with a master degree from the art college in Berlin (HDK).

Over the last years she has been concentrating mainly on small paintings, often representing features of places she visits, but also portraits and still lifes. She lives and works in London.

Featured image 'Camion Blanc' 15cm x 15cm
Fetch by Charlotte Gerard Charlotte Gerrard

Charlotte Gerrard's expressive style of palette knife work captures the movement and vivacity of animals by manipulating the paint to create a dynamic and energetic picture.
Charlotte produces large scale paintings full of colour, texture and expression.
Charlotte has been selling paintings and limited edition prints through private contacts, at trade fairs and galleries regularly since 2002. Since 2007 she has taken a stand at Spitalfields thriving art market. She loves exhibiting at this high profile location which has become a regular haunt for art buyers, both local and international, looking to snap up a piece from a range of established and emerging artists.

Featured image 'Fetch' 160x100cms.
Midnight Foxes by Dieter Braun East End Prints

East End Prints showcases a range of limited editions, originals and poster prints from emerging artists - artwork to suit every taste, style and budget!

East End Prints is a small publisher based in Shoreditch primarily set up to support emerging artists onto all printed matter. We are constantly adding new prints to the range on a variety of themes from London to LOVE, Music to Politics. 

Prices start from £25 for unframed prints and you’ll find limited editions and originals for under £100. Our print on demand range is sold framed and unframed and we can deliver straight to you door. New stock arriving every month. 

Featured image 'Midnight Foxes' by Dieter Braun 30x40cm £25/£45 framed.Larger sizes available.
James Shipton

James studied art and then went on to study medical science. It was whilst conducting detailed studies of anatomy and physiology that his passion for art was re-ignited. 

James developed skills in the production of detailed drawings of the human form, which led him to produce paintings and recieve commissions for figurative art work.

The original oil paintings he produces capture the human form whilst adding texture to reflect light.

Featured image 'Going to Bed 2', oil on canvas
Yellow and Blossum by Danile Shipton Daniel Shipton

Daniel has a background in media and television. His interset in art has developed as a conseqeunce of the paintings produced by his brother James Shipton.

Daniel produces art that creates a reaction through his vibrant acrylic paintings and unique hand painted ostritch eggs.

Featured image 'Yellow & Blossum', acrylic, 100cm x w 150cm
Beigel Shop Brick Lane My London Story  

Mylondonstory captures black and white photographs of East London. 

The images are ones that Londoner's would recognize, and yet often not notice in their daily lives. 

They evoke both historic and contemporary visions of East End and other parts of London.
John Patrick Reynolds John Patrick Reynolds

Screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds is the first artist to have had permission from Britain's top comic publisher DC Thomson to make screenprints using its unrivalled archive of old comic heroes and heroines.

His prints feature cartoon favourites such as Dennis the Menace and his faithful dog Gnasher, Desperate Dan, Minnie the Minx and the Bash St Kids from classics of the genre The Beano and The Dandy as well as all the boys’ own adventure heroes from comics such as The Victor and Commando and forgotten gems such as teen romance comics from the 1960s.

The handmade, limited edition screenprints are printed on handmade cotton paper from the St Cuthbert's Mill in Somerset.

Exhibitions of John’s screenprints have been held across the country from Devon to Dundee; examples are held at the Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury and in academic collections.

The picture above features Britain's unofficial mascot Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, in an unusually tranquil moment. The screenprint illustrates the strengths of the medium: vivid flat colour and bold clean black outlines.

Prices range from £30 to £280 unframed.
Helen Lang, Wet Paint

Originally from Devon, Helen now lives and works from a rather lovely South West London studio (from which she can witness squirrel fights in the park) and spends her time developing her decorative lettering styles, combining beautiful colour and clean lines to create a quirky and vibrant style.

Her passion for her work is illustrated in everything she designs, creatures and characters burst into life in her colourful and gently humorous designs.

Helen has worked on a number of projects for many high profile organisations and companies in the UK, Europe and beyond including John Lewis, Te Neues and the Tate. Her illustrations have also adorned an array of products over her career including t-shirts, porcelain mugs, greeting cards and stationery.

Helen's beautiful limited edition prints are available through a variety of online retailers as well as her website and are perfect gifts which can adorn your home or workplace.
Faryal Ahmad

Faryal Ahmad is a contemporary fine artist working mainly with acrylic paints on stretched framed canvases. Although she has studied art, she is mostly self-taught and what she paints is completely original.

Faryal ‘s work is about creating something unique and exciting. She believes painting is an intensely personal, creative expression that comes from the heart and likes nothing more than building a picture in her mind and realizing it on canvas.
Tom Lewis

Tom's work combines elements of street art, storytelling, and illustration blending eastern and western aesthetics to produce stunning prints that are playful, comical and alluring. In the run up to Christmas, Tom will be showing work from his recent collection.
London Art Gallery London Art Gallery

The London Art Gallery website features mixed media artwork and paintings principally of London.
The artwork generally consists of mixed media pieces made by using graphics and hand drawing which is amalgamated into the finished piece.

The work is 3 dimensional in the main and each piece is hand crafted and the concepts are unique to the London Art Gallery. The work is made in small limited editions but also original pieces can be made specifically for customers.

There is also the opportunity of purchasing 2d prints on both Fine Art paper and some on canvas
Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips is an artist, set painter and muralist based in Whitstable. He particularly loves to paint large scale work and painted the three story high murals in Lewisham and Bromley of Charles Darwin. His film credits include, Exodus (featuring Anthony Gormleys 'waste man') and The Libertine (featuring Johnny Depp).