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Here at Spitalfields, we’ve always been huge on sustainability, and our core mission has always been to give back. Whether it’s to collaborate with local charities to support them through fundraising, give back to our tight East London community through the means of events and activity here in the market, and giving back to our planet. Below are just some of the ways we are playing our part in moving towards a sustainable future.

6% contaminated waste goes to Waste For Energy, producing enough energy to power 31 homes for a year & boil 51,471 kettles for an hour

Zero to Landfill Policy: Our electric tug collects all the waste around the estate

ISO 14001 Sets the standards for Environmental Management Systems

The Estate has been accredited with ISO 14001 since 2010 ensuring we can demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment

Key Statistics

0% to Landfill

100% materials

recycled or repurposed

Key Benefits


Trees saved

124 307

CO2 tonnes saved

16 41

Energy produced (KWH)

10,713 29,447

Street Food for Thought

Last year we gave away 1,000 free reusable lunchboxes to local workers to reduce the need for single-use packaging. We also encourage visitors to bring their own lunchboxes with a tasty 10% off participating food trucks.

Spitalfields teamed up with #LoveNotLandfill Clothes Bank Project working with fashion bloggers during London Fashion Week, encouraging followers to donate old items to the clothes bank

We worked with Sky Ocean Rescue with an aim to educate visitors and occupiers on how to tackle single-use plastic and inspire change

Spitalfields tabletops are fabricated from a plastic wood alternative called Manticore which is made from 100% recycled plastic

Recycling stations are dotted around the market and clearly marked for plastic, paper and general waste


Donated over £40K through the use of on-site equipment such as the PA system, chairs, Arts Market panels, market stalls and on-site storage

Raised over £16,000 directly from events taking place on the Estate with additional funds generated via social media promotions and online campaigns

Collaborated with 27 different charitable/ non-profit organisations to produce the Spitalfields Community Event programme

Hosted 84 free community events across 140 days

Throughout the year Spitalfields gets involved with sustainability initiatives at every level. Find out more about these through the blog posts on this site.

During 2018/19 Spitalfields replaced all lighting for LED low energy lighting culminating in utilities savings to the estate service charge and replaced all market stall tops with a 100% recycled material which would otherwise not be able to be recycled