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A visual summary of 2020 at Spitalfields Market

 SPITALFIELDS 2020 Despite a tumultuous year of tiers, lockdowns and ever- changing rules and regulations when it comes to the hospitality and retail industry, Spitalfields Market has maintained a strong presence, both online and offline. Transparency has been key, not only to ensure safety for traders, staff, and visitors, but to ensure all marketing activity has been correct, up to date and easily accessible. The market may have been forced to remain closed for a number of months in 2020, however as a result of this, social media has stepped up to continue to engage, excite and inform followers of the incredible variety of offerings available at Spitafields, using a mix of paid and organic activity to shop online through each respective website, or purchase takeaway food and drink on their daily walk. Safety has been at the forefront of our mission in 2020, and next year we are looking forward to a smooth transition back to the thriving market we know and love. 

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