Eno Designs


New sustainable fashion brand fusing fashion and culture to brighten up your day and outfit with Afroccessories
At Spitalfields Traders Market: Friday & Saturday

Eno Designs is a handmade, sustainable and vegan (no animal products) fashion brand created by Anobea and Adriana. Selling a range of Afroccessories including envelope, tote and make-up bags. Eno draws inspiration from the designers love of fashion and desire to reduce our impact on the environment.

Eno’s designs are heavily influenced by Anobea and Adriana’s West African heritage and living in London which creates an exciting and original blend of traditional and contemporary design.

Get It First at Spitalfields

At Spitalfields Traders Market, Eno Designs showcase new designs at least 4 weeks before they are made available online or through other outlets. Their prices on the Market are also at least 10% cheaper than online prices.

Fair Trade & Handmade

All Eno products are handmade in the houses of local craftswomen in Ghana who are being paid a fair price for their work. Eno provide them with a sewing machine so they can work from home and within the hours they choose. This allows them the freedom to also take care of their home and children.



The lining of our bags are made from second hand clothes adding to the uniqueness of each product as two can never be the same. We use recycled cardboard in our Envelope Clutch bags to help them maintain their shape instead of fabric stiff. The cardboard is collected from the local shops in Ghana who would have just thrown it away heading for the landfill. All remnants are re-purposed for other products such as earrings and bangles.

Supporting Small Business

Eno Designs source much of their material from Makola market in Accra, Ghana. The stalls are mostly run by woman (95%) showcasing the entrepreneurial skills of empowered Ghanaian women. All remnants are re-purposed for other products.

Find out more and follow Eno Designs at:

Web: www.enodesigns.co.uk
Twitter: designsbyeno
Facebook: enodesigns