Spitalfields Trader Chat – Poli and Jo

At Spitalfields E1, we pride ourselves on the unique collection of traders that grace our market, we aim to help small businesses to build an audience as well as providing a platform for them to create something that can’t be found elsewhere. From fashion to art, homeware to food, you’re guaranteed to find things at our market that you won’t find anywhere else.

Over the years, we’ve been proud to help loads of small businesses to get started, including Poli & Jo, makers of high-quality and uniquely styled bags. Since arriving at Spitalfields E1 a decade ago, Poli & Jo has gained a reputation for bringing the best of British classic fashion into the 21st century. Recently, we chatted to Kenny from Poli and Jo about what inspires the design, and why he chose Spitalfields E1 as a base:

We started Poli and Jo a few years ago to offer people something different from the generic high street fashion. We saw a gap in the market for something functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing so we created a product that is stylish, cool, clean, durable, functional and sustainable. And to make it special we made it in England to celebrate Britishness, especially in this day and age when a lot of production is sent overseas.

It’s been a long process searching for the right shapes, materials and production methods for our baggage. When we came across the canvas that was used to make roofs of the convertible Land Rovers when they were still in production, it was an eye opener – it ticked all the boxes for durability, quality and it’s very British. We say, “If it’s good enough for Land Rover to use for over 70 years, it’s good enough for us”.

The sturdy fabric dictated clean and graphic shapes and designs helping us to create stylish functional bags. We finish the bags with bridle leather handles which are strong and clean and are stamped with our name as part of our signature. Together these elements combine into what we see as something we call #Heritedge – Heritage with a modern Edge – bringing something old into the 21st Century and celebrating it as part of Britishness.

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All our bags are designed and put together in England. We work with independent local manufacturers, pattern makers, knife cutters, metal platters and hardware suppliers. We invest in quality British craftsmanship and contemporary design based on timeless classics and practicality necessary for today’s busy lifestyle. We are proud to have ‘Made in England’ on our bags.

Spitalfields E1 is the perfect location between the city, where functionality and practicality are needed every day, and the creative hub of East London where people appreciate and demand a unique product that is different from the rest of the crowd. In Spitalfields we are also inspired by the people around us – those who work, live or visit the area. Everyone who comes there brings and celebrates a piece of their own individual style.

For more information on Poli and Jo, visit www.poliandjo.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. For more on the great traders and events at Spitalfields E1, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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