The Different Markets Explained – What to expect at Spitalfields E1.


When people think of Spitalfields E1, or the wider Spitalfields Market if you include our neighbour, Old Spitalfields Market, they often think of it as one market, in truth, they are two separate markets with different, albeit complimentary, identities. Since changing from a traditional Sunday-only market to an everyday event, we have developed several specialist markets, taking place on different days, making sure that there is something unique to cater to everyone and cementing our position as one of the best markets in London. From food markets to arts, style and design, we have a market for everyone.

To learn about each of our different markets, when they occur, and what to look out for on your visit, check out our guide below:

Traders Market

Something for everyone.

This is our main, ‘everyday’ market, which runs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. However, because this is our most common market doesn’t mean it isn’t special. With a wide variety of traders, ranging from seasoned veterans who trade with us every day, and some who have been with us for a decade, to newcomers and travelling traders, all setting up stalls on Market Street and Crispin Place, the Traders Market has the largest variety of wares available for purchase, with fashion, art and homeware all making an appearance.

This market is perfect for everyone, and is a great place to search for a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself, complimented perfectly by our permanent shops, restaurants and food trucks. For a bustling market environment, come down at lunchtime.

For information on the Traders Market, visit:

Spitalfields Market 01/10/2017
Spitalfields Market 01/10/2017

Style Market

For the Shoreditch fashion conscious.

This is our one-stop-shop for fashionistas and individuals, featuring the best London fashion around. Taking place every Saturday, the Style Market has gained a reputation as the best place for the style-conscious to find that unique item to help them stand out. With a mixture of well-known names in the London fashion circle, alongside young designers looking to make a name for themselves, the Style Market specialises in low volume, high quality items, from dresses and coats to hats and shoes, with every possible variation showing up in-between.

This is a great place to see some of the most style conscious people in London on the hunt for that next special item, with plenty of unique and fantastic styles being on show throughout Saturday.

For information on the Style Market, visit:

Startisans Market

For the hungry foodie.

It’s Friday lunchtime, you’re near the end of a busy week, and you want to treat yourself to an epic lunch to celebrate that Friday feeling. The question is, where do you go for that treat? With dozens of stalls offering, quite simply, the best street food in London, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to celebrate your Friday than at our Startisans Market on Lamb Street.

Like all our markets, the range of options on offer is constantly changing, with new food stalls bringing different flavours each and every week, but what we’re most proud of is the breadth of options available, from pizza and toasties to arancini and curry. Whatever you fancy, we’ll have something to suit your cravings, every Friday from 10:30 until 15:00!

Check out the full list of Startisans on their website:


Producers Market

For the cooks and bakers.

The Producers Market is the latest addition to Spitalfields E1. Like the Startisans Market, the emphasis of the Producers Market is on fresh, delicious food, however, unlike the Startisans, a lot of this food is not cooked for you, instead, it’s the perfect place to find some home treats or delicious ingredients that can be used to make something extra special at home. With everything from fresh bread and pastries, to special condiments, jams and chutneys, this is a classic farmers market in London and not to be missed.

Look out for the creative and adventurous home cooks, looking for something to give their meal that extra kick, every Wednesday.

Find out more about our Producers Market on our website:

Arts Market

For those who love all things beautiful.

This is the weekend home for some of the finest up and coming artists in London, and around the UK. Market Street hosts everything from photography and prints to original canvases and sculptures for usually one weekend a month. It’s the perfect opportunity to add that new bit of life to your home, or as a gift for a friend of family member. With something to fit all personalities, including some of the more unique and eclectic art in East London, you’ll be sure to find something a little bit special here!

Find out about our Arts Market, including all dates, here:


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