Bus King Theatre

Daily shows at 11am from Dec 21st to 24th & from 27th to Jan 2nd.

Box Office: 07935462605

Email: buskingtheatre@gmail.com

Website: www.buskingtheatre.london


BUS KING THEATRE IS BACK, with yet another brand new Christmas show!

The Present Predicament is a comical puppet show celebrating the joys and trials of Christmas.

Bus King Theatre is an intimate theatre of red and gold all wrapped up in the intricately converted Route master bus that has been transformed into a minature Coliseum.

Then come upstairs for a creative Christmas workshop and leave with a gift for a special friend.

All aboard the big red Bus King Theatre, for the most original show in town in the most original theatre in town!

Puppet show adults and children: £6

Christmas workshop: Children £5